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This from All Access:

KRKO, KKXA To Test All-Digital AM

S-R BROADCASTING CO. Sports KRKO-A (FOX SPORTS RADIO 1380) and Classic Country KKXA-A (CLASSIC COUNTRY 1520 KXA)/EVERETT, WA, are the latest AM stations to participate in NAB LABS’ testing of all-digital AM broadcasting. The experimental broadcasts, the last of the FCC’s nine initial approved test stations, will be aired between OCTOBER 2nd and 6th. The tests will result in analog listeners hearing nothing during the test periods.

GM ANDY SKOTDAHL said: “These all-digital tests are an important step in the evolution of an industry that produces great content at no charge to the consumer. People who want to listen to streaming audio on their cell phones know it kills their cell phone battery and can have a costly impact on their data plan. This technology will give us the ability to deliver all of our content with superior sound quality on our biggest distribution channel: the over-the-air transmitter.”