Re: Seattle Radio Happenings


This from All Access:

In other filings with the FCC, the UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON Board of Regents is assigning noncommercial Triple A KEXP-F/SEATTLE to FRIENDS OF KEXP, headed by TOM MARA, in exchange for $4,001,000 worth of aggregate non-cash consideration over ten years, consisting of tags on the legal ID (such as “KEXP SEATTLE, an affiliate of the UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON,” plus $63,000 worth of underwriting announcements per year (20 weeks per year, 35 announcements per week), online display advertising (250,000 impressions pre quarter, $0.025 per impression less a 10% discount, $22,500 per year for a million impressions pew year), homepage recognition with a link ($55,800 per year), audio stream ID (like legal ID, worth $47,250 per year), and online audio pre-roll for ten years (138,888 per year, worth $15,000 per year). –