Re: Seattle Radio Happenings

Andy Brown

Entercom has now filed an informal objection to the other applicant in MX case 392 seeking 107.3 and filed a second round of paperwork against the first recipient of its objection noted two posts previous.

Entercom is now claiming that Fulcrum Community Communications has not given its correct coordinates and blah blah blah and the proposed site may be on the list of Registered Historic Sites and “likely” would need an environmental impact study and blah blah blah.

In addition, Entercom is claiming the other applicant, Miisterio Centro Familiar – Everett, Wa, has filed on a tower without obtaining reasonable assurance and has bookkeeping errors in their application blah blah blah.

In spite of both applications providing second adjacent waiver data, Entercom is crying they are short spaced to their second adjacent KRWM and that both stations will cause interference and blah blah blah.

Entercom is probably hoping these applicants will run away and be afraid of their mighty legal team coming up with some real art work, but after having read through the objections several times, I don’t think the FCC is going to dismiss either one of them except as part of resolving the MX.

Jonathan Swift couldn’t have written this any better. Entercom finds itself a prisoner in a country run by little FM’s. Watch out Clear Channel, you’re next!