Re: Seattle Radio Happenings


PPM Analysis For Seattle

ALL ACCESS presents MAY PPM market highlights, compiled by the Ratings Experts at RESEARCH DIRECTOR, INC. and powered by XTRENDS, radio’s #1 PPM and diary analysis tool. All numbers reflect subscriber only data.

SEATTLE-TACOMA: Things Are Really Movin’

When you surprise a market and move into the #1 position, people can write it off as a fluke. When you do it a second time, it can be written off as an anomaly. However, when you top the charts three months in a row, you have to say this is a trend. That is what SANDUSKY Top 40/M KQMV (MOVIN) has done, as it posted its best book in over a year (5.2-6.0) to strengthen its hold on the top position. This was possibly one of the most competitive markets in the U.S. as the top-five spots were separated by one share point. ENTERCOM Country KKWF (THE WOLF) moved out of a tie at #3 into the #2 position with its best performance in over a year (5.0-5.6).

SANDUSKY AC KRWM (WARM) was up for the second straight survey (5.0-5.2) to remain in a tie at #3, though it was sharing the space with CBS RADIO Classic Rock KZOK, which moved up from #5 (4.8-5.2) by posting — you guessed it — the station’s best book in over a year. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON N/T KUOW reversed a three-book slide to move up a notch to #5 (4.6-5.0). To prove how tight the market is, CRISTA Contemporary Christian KCMS (SPIRIT) had a slight down trend (5.1-4.9) yet fell from #2 to #6.

During the HOLIDAY book, KKWF was licking its paws as it sat at #12 25-54. Well, the station had been up in every survey since, and this month climbed from #3 to #1 to, ahem, lead the pack (we have been waiting a long time to use that line). KZOK had also been on a pretty substantial two-book run that saw the station rise from a tie at #7 to its second consecutive second-place finish. KQMV reversed a minor two-book slide to post its best number in over a year and glide from #4 to #3. The market was very compressed in this demo and ENTERCOM Active Rock KISW illustrated that point. The station had an ever-so-slight down trend yet it fell from #1 to #4. Exactly one year ago, KCMS was in a tie at #17. This station also experienced a slight down trend this go around but managed to hold on to its #5 position.

For the third straight survey, KKWF popped a huge number to remain #1 18-34. How rapid has the station’s rise been? During the HOLIDAY survey it was sitting at #12 and has added over six shares to its wiry frame since then. KQMV ended a two-book slide and matched its best book of the last year to take over sole possession of #2. CCM+E Top 40/R KUBE slipped out of a tie at #2 to the #3 spot while CBS RADIO Country KMPS became the lone resident at #4. CCM+E Top 40/M KBKS (KISS) was off slightly yet managed to move up a spot to #5. ENTERCOM Alternative KNDD (THE END) was also down a bit and dropped from a tie at #4 into a tie at #6 with KISW.

KQMV ended a two-book sabbatical and returned to the top spot (from #3) 18-49 by landing its best book in over a year. This forced last month’s co-leaders to take some steps back. KKWF dropped to #2 even though it, too, had its best book in over a year, and KISW dropped to #3. KZOK has been on a tear the last couple of months that has seen the station sky rocket from #14 to #6 to its latest incarnation at #4. KBKS slipped a bit and dropped from #4 to #5 while KNDD slid from #5 to #7.