Re: Seattle Radio Happenings


This from All Access:

PPM Analysis: SEATTLE-TACOMA: Everybody’s Shufflin’

Strange days, indeed, as stations move all over the place. One thing that remained the same was ENTERCOM Active Rock KISW (THE ROCK). Despite scoring its lowest rating of 2012 (5.4-4.8), the station remained #1 for the third book in a row. After that, things got weird. SANDUSKY AC KRWM (WARM) was on a three-book slide (4.7-4.6) yet it moved up into a three-way tie at #2. BONNEVILLE Talk KIRO-F posted its lowest number since sleigh bells were ringing (4.8-4.6) yet it also moved up, from #3 into a tie at #2. Not to be outdone, UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON N/T KUOW landed its lowest book since APRIL (5.1-4.6) but remained at #2, albeit in the company of others. Launching itself back into the top 5 for the first time since JUNE (3.9-4.3) was CCM+E Top 40/M KBKS (KISS FM).

Way back in JULY, BONNEVILLE Sports KIRO-A was playing as well as the MARINERS and were tied at #17. This time, the station leapfrogged from a tie at #9 to #6 (3.8-4.1). What followed was another three-way tie — this time at #7. CRISTA Christian Contemporary KCMS (SPIRIT) posted its best book in 2012 (3.8-4.0). SANDUSKY Top 40/M KQMV (MOVIN) rode a two-book slide (4.3-4.0) while CCM+E Classic Hits KJR-F matched its best book of the year (3.6-4.0). But wait, there’s more. Two stations were tied at #10. CBS RADIO Classic Rock KZOK took a bit of a tumble (4.6-3.9), dropping down from its previous position at #5. ENTERCOM Country KKWF (THE WOLF) was on the road to recovery as it rose from a tie at #13 (3.6-3.9). FISHER Hot AC KPLZ (STAR) was not shining as brightly as it plummeted from #7 to a tie at #15 (4.2-3.4)

Things were only slightly less turbulent 25-54. For the tenth book in a row KISW was #1. CBS RADIO Adult Hits KJAQ (JACK FM) moved up a notch to #2, flip-flopping with KZOK. As recently as JULY, KIRO-A was #16 in this demo. By posting its best number in over a year, it rose to #4. There was a three-way tie at #5. KBKS rocketed up from #11 while KCMS posted its best showing in over a year to perform the leap-of-the-week from a tie at #12. KKWF’s rebound continued as it moved up from #9. Two stations had the misfortune of being excused from the top 5 — KUOW and KPLZ.

The shufflin’ continued 18-34 as KBKS was back on top for the first time since JUNE. Last month, CCM+E Top 40/R KUBE and KQMV were tied at #1. This month both stations maintained their togetherness routine and were tied at #2. KISW was off a bit and fell from a tie at #3 to a tie at #4 with KPLZ, which had the most enormous book it has seen in over a year.

It is now 10 books in a row that KISW had been #1 18-49. KBKS was the new #2 as it inched up from #3, swapping places with KQMV, which was on a pretty noticeable three-book slide. KKWF reared its ugly head (that’s a wolf joke, not a personal attack) and sprinted from #5 to #4. Two months ago, KPLZ was #13 but now found itself in a tie at #5 with ENTERCOM Alternative KNDD (THE END), which did an end-around from a tie at #11. Dropped from the top 5 roster was KUBE, which fell into a tie at #7.