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This from All Access:

FCC Denies Challenges To Washington State AMs

The FCC has denied four challenges to the power increase and new tower array at S-R BROADCASTING CO., INC. Sports KRKO-A/EVERETT, WA. The objections by STEWARDS OF THE LAND AND COMMUNITY, PILCHUK AUDUBON SOCIETY, CITIZENS TO PRESERVE THE UPPER SNOHOMISH VALLEY, and ROBERT AND ANGELA DAY were based on environmental concerns and, in additional counts rejected as being raised as prohibited new arguments on appeal, on the effect of the towers on migratory birds.

At the same time, CITIZENS TO PRESERVE THE UPPER SNOHOMISH VALLEY’s objection to the grant to S-R sister CAAM PARTNERSHIP, LLC of a new AM in SNOHOMISH, WA (now KXXA-A) was also rejected both procedurally and on the merits.