Re: Seattle Radio Happenings


This from All Access:

KOMO, KVI Make Programming Changes

FISHER News KOMO-A-F and Talk KVI-A/SEATTLE are shuffling their programming starting SEPTEMBER 4th to return KOMO to an all-News schedule except for overnights and move KVI back towards conservative political talk from its present news, advice, and centrist position.

KOMO’s two talk shows will leave the schedule, with 9a-noon host JOHN CARLSON moving back to KVI for 5-9a weekdays. KOMO noon-3p host KEN SCHRAM will continue as commentator at sister ABC affiliate KOMO-TV. BILL RICE will anchor 9a-noon for KOMO, with BRIAN CALVERT returning to the station to anchor noon-3p; the station is also adding WALL STREET JOURNAL RADIO NETWORK updates and is carrying DIAL GLOBAL’s “OVERNIGHT AMERICA WITH JON GRAYSON” for midnight-3a.

“It’s about doing what we do best…we are news radio,” said PD PAUL DUCKWORTH about the changes at KOMO. “If you’re going to be people’s first choice for news, traffic and weather you’ve got to be there, no matter what the time of day – news doesn’t wait.”

Meanwhile, at KVI, after CARLSON’s morning show, TALK RADIO NETWORK’s LAURA INGRAHAM will air 9a-noon, COMPASS MEDIA NETWORKS’ TODD SCHNITT is on for noon-3p, CUMULUS MEDIA NETWORKS’ MARK LEVIN will air 3-6p (starting OCTOBER 15th), COMPASS’ LARS LARSON will be on 6-9p, TRN’s MICHAEL SAVAGE will be on from 9 to 11p, and CUMULUS’ RED EYE RADIO (11-p-3a) and DON IMUS (3-6a, the only holdover from the present lineup) will air overnight. Off the weekday schedule are “SMART TALK WITH ELISA AND MARK,” DIAL GLOBAL’s CLARK HOWARD, “CONSUMERMAN WITH HERB WEISBAUM,” THE WALL STREET JOURNAL RADIO NETWORK’s “THE DAILY WRAP WITH MICHAEL CASTNER,” DIAL GLOBAL’s MICHAEL SMERCONISH, and TRN’s PHIL HENDRIE.

“KVI stands for the best in conservative talk in SEATTLE,” said DUCKWORTH. “This is going to be one of the most hotly-contested elections in history and people need a place to hear about it and talk about it. Get set for an exciting ride!”