Re: Seattle Radio Happenings


This from All Access:

KUOW To End Programming KXOT/Tacoma June 29th

UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON noncommercial News-Talk KUOW/SEATTLE is ending its almost-six-year operation of PUBLIC RADIO CAPITAL TACOMA’s noncommercial KXOT (KUOW2)/TACOMA-SEATTLE as of JUNE 29th.

In a message to listeners on the KUOW2 website, the stations said that after six years, “the KXOT audience is small. At 0.2 percent share, it is only slightly larger than when BATES TECHNICAL COLLEGE students were programming the station 10 years ago. Research shows that most KXOT listeners are also KUOW listeners, meaning the station has attracted very few new listeners. New listeners are required to sustain the operation of KXOT.

“PSPR (the University’s PUGET SOUND PUBLIC RADIO) explored options for financing the acquisition of the KXOT license, valued around $7 million. A capital campaign feasibility study was conducted to determine whether major gifts and grants could be raised for the purchase. The study report advised against such a campaign.

“PSPR offered to renegotiate the operating agreement to achieve terms more favorable to PSPR, including extending the agreement to 2013. Unfortunately, PRC was unable to restructure its KXOT debt service without an unacceptable increase in PSPR’s capital investment.”