Re: Seattle Radio Happenings


Joe said:

“Also, on a side note: I tuned in to 88.1 in Hillsboro and could hear Air 1 in the background of 88.3’s signal.”

That also may be KGRI Lebanon…With my antenna pointed south from Hillsboro, I get a decent signal from it most of the time…I hear Air 1 with my antenna pointed north, It was fairly strong earlier, but is weak now…I assume it is KLOP, but I have never heard clear ID.

semoochie said:

“I’ve been getting KLOP all over town, not well but definitely there! The screwiest thing though is that I’m suddenly getting KKNU.”

Did you get a clear ID for KLOP? The KKNU reception perhaps is an indication of enhanced reception from the south, so is it possible that you could have been hearing KGRI Lebanon?

update (1:00): just got an ID on KLOP with my antenna pointed north…very weak in Hillsboro.