Re: Seattle Radio Happenings


Once upon a time there was this radio station called the “Funky Monkey” at 104.9 “Seattle”- actually licensed to Eatonville with no hope for any more coverage…barely gets into Seattle.

Anyway, when Clear Channel bought the frequency they sort of just let it be. For a couple years, anyway. Automated but for a cheap live afternoon show- didn’t cost much to run from a closet, got 1.3 or so 12+…about the best you could ask for a lonely little rimshot signal. Active rock with the occasional Nirvana or Pearl Jam oldie.

But, this being CC, it didn’t quite fit the mold. No room in the mix for a slightly unique station. So, away it goes for “Gen-X” canned format. Just awful. Really, just awful. The gist was that they were wide-ranging, from 90s hip hop to grunge to pop to rock. But 7 bad songs in a row…that’s still a lot of crap music no matter how you package it Got between a 0.1 and 0.2. Serves them right.

SO now we have this version of the Brew. Not much like the PDX version. Active rock, with the occasional oldie from Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Sound familiar? Nice way to destroy a brand , Clear Channel. You now have the Funky Monkey without the 10+ years of brand loyalty that entailed. Let me know how that works out for you.

Oh, and they occasionally play Queen and Pink Floyd. SO there’s your difference.

Clear Channel- we fired all the programmers, but we still have lots of good lawyers.