Re: Portland Area Original Call Letter Meanings


KKOV = VanKOuVer

KOAP = Oregon Agricultural (College) Portland

KOAB = Oregon Agricultural (College) Bend (both named after their predecessor, KOAC)

KPAM = PAMplin (currently)

KPOJ = Piece Of Junk (because somebody had to say it eventually…)

KATU = phonetic spelling of “K-Two”

KBSP = Beaverton Salem Portland (Home Shopping Club station on channel 22 that preceded KPXG)

KNMT = Northwest Minority Television

KORK-CA = ORegon (former Home Shopping Club station that was on channel 35)

KORS = ORegon Salem

KPDX = ICAO code for Portland International Airport; Union Station’s railway code (if you drop the “K”)

KPTV = Portland TeleVision

KPXG = PaX Net (the programming service that preceded PAX, I and ION)

KRCW = Rose City CBS-Warner (although I’ve also heard Columbia-Wilammette being used)

KUNP = Univision Portland

KWBP = Warner Brothers Portland (preceded KRCW)