Re: Portland Area Original Call Letter Meanings


Joe: I’m always thinking in the past, didn’t know you got back in business. Where are you?

Yahmit: Years ago when I was scrolling through The News-Register (by 1979 there was little written about KCYX. I was trolling to pick up anything I could see quickly.) I ran across I believe it was a full page ad for the new calls KCYX. That ad would have been run on July 1, 1979. There might have been an article also written since KMCM spent some money on the paper that day, which they hadn’t done for a long time and the paper was very silent about KMCM during that time.

With that date you could find the article I’m guessing pretty easily. If it’s not on the July 1, 1979 date, look a few days later or forward, it’s got to be there. I was at the McMinnville Library about 20 years ago doing KCYX history research and since then OHS Library has the microfilm but their hours open are very restrictive. The last time I checked they were only open a day or two a week for just a few hours in the afternoon.