Re: Portland Area Original Call Letter Meanings



Ok, so I decided to go through my radio memorabilia to find my K-103 file.

Sure enough, I have three articles on KKCW coming on the air. The Oregonian dated February 10, 1984 had an interview with Station general manager John Q. Tilson on page B2 in Metro West, the head line reads “Beaverton’s new FM radio station to broadcast soon”. The article quotes Tilson, “At one time,the CW in the station’s call letters was intended to stand for Country-Western music,Tilson said. When another local radio station recently changed it’s format to Country-Western, however, he said KKCW quickly moved to its current musical plan.”

“Now the CW stands for Columbia-Willamette Broadcasting Co., which owns the station. Columbia-Willamette is a subsidiary of East-West FM Group, Inc., he said.”


Pat / W7PAT