Re: Portland Area Original Call Letter Meanings


There’s another vote for Country and Western, if you’re making a tally. From Bob Torheim, an account executive at KGW:

it took the owner of KKCW four years to go from CP to on-the-air. They could not find a tower who would let them hang their transmitter. The world of Radio can change a lot in four years.

The intent was to go with a Country format since KWJJ was the only fm country station in Portland. Hence the calls KKCW or KK “Country Western”. They had their music library, they had their calls, they had a transmitter and were ready to launch their station.

So what’s the rest of the story. Why isn’t KKCW a Country station?

Two weeks before going on-air Bonneville switched KUPL from beautiful music to Country. The owner John Tilden was stuck knowing Portland could not support three fm Country stations. In a sesperate move to find a new format in two weeks Bob Darling the PD, if I recall, went searching. He found a station in New York who had launched “Love Songs”. Coming back with a music library and a TV commercials with flying cherubs they launched Love Songs in Portland.