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KAPL – APpLegate Christian Fellowship (owner)

KATR – Cater (Logo with the letter “K” shaped like someone in cowboy boots and hat serving up music on a platter)

KBDF – I was told by a then-KEED employee that KBDF didn’t stand for anything and I suspect it was just easy to pronounce.

KBEY – I’m just guessing it’s a reference to “Oregon’s Bay Area,” or Coos Bay.

KBKN – Beacon

KBNO – Que Bueno

KCEL – Was pronounced “K-sell,” but I don’t know if there was any other significance.

KCNA – KiCkiN’ A – They wanted a bad boy image, but were afraid to actually call it “Kickin’ Ass” over the air.

KEHK – Likely “Eugene’s HawK,” but was ID’d as simply “The Hawk.”

KFMY Eugene – Frequency Modulation Young (Lytle “Duke” Young, owner.)

KGRI – I assumed the “G” was for Green Peter Mtn., the xmtr site.

KGRV – I have heard them use “God’s Radio Voice” on-air.

KHNN – Headline News Network (CNN Radio)

KHSN – Kissin’

KJKL – Might be Josephine (County) K-Love.



KKTT – I’m not aware of this ever being in Creswell, but when on Eugene’s 97.9 it was KaTT country.

KLCX – Classics (Classic Rock) “Classics” was seldom used on-air, and only in the beginning of it’s run.)

KLFO _ JrTech may be correct, or “FO” may be Florence Oregon.

KLRF – cLeaR

KLZS – Dyslexic spelling for cLasS

KMJZ – Was a sMooth JazZ format for a time.

KNRQ – New RocQ

KOPT – Oregon”s Progressive Talk


KROR – Reliable Oregon Radio (owner?)

KRSR – Real Sports Radio (formerly KYNG and swapped call letters with KRSR, Dallas TX, which wanted to become “Young Country.”)

KRXX – K-Rocks

KSND – K-Sound, or “The Sound.” (Published countdown list called “The Sound Sheet.)

KUJZ – Likely “eUgene’s smooth JazZ.”

KWOD – Warehousing of former Sacramento calls which originally meant “Quad.” (At one time broadcast QS quad system.}

KWOW – I don’t believe these calls ever made it to air.

KYSG – “Solid Gospel”

KYTT – “K-Light”

KZAM – Pronounced “kuh-ZAM”, emulating Belleview/Seattle original with some of the original staff.

KZZK – “Z-RocK”

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