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I can throw a few Mid-Columbia calls into the mix.

KIHR in Hood River was “In Hood River,” naturally. When I started there in 1966 the tagline was “The Melody Aisle on your Radio Dial” KCGB-FM was named for Columbia Gorge Broadcasting, which owned KIHR and added the FM.

KODL in The Dalles was an obvious geographic call. For a few years in the 1970s it was KGLX “The Golden X” and “X-14” for its 1440 kHz frequency, playing an oldies format.

KACI started as KRMW in 1955. The story was at the time that they wanted KRMC for Radio Mid-Columbia, but that set was assigned to the Navy at the time, so they settled for swapping the C for a W. No particular significance to the later KACI calls other than it’s a nice easy one to say. Their motto in the 1960s was “The Friendly Giant,” a classic example of the Big Lie style of advertising, since they were a kilowatt daytimer, shutting down at 4:30 in December.

Let’s see – KCIV-FM at 104.5 stood for the 104 in Roman numerals and, as the owner used to say “CIVilization, the ultimate hope of mankind.” Later owners changed it to KMCQ for the Mid-Columbia’s Q, though for most of its life it went by Q-104, except for legal IDs.

KMSW-FM in The Dalles is actually quite sweet, standing for Mylene S Walden, the wife of then-owner, Congressman Greg Walden. Now there’s gift that’s hard to top!

One set of calls in the early days was KWRC in Pendleton. Officially, it was for the “World Roundup City,” and I even have the letterhead that shows that. But, it also happened to fit Western Radio Corporation, which at the time owned KODL and KWRC

And in Goldendale, KYYT-FM was “kite,” originally, but has been Y-102 for years, other than mandatory ID. It’s AM partner, KLCK is for KLiCKitat County.