Re: Oregon Amateur Radio Pioneers List


I was able to skim this …in part..I noticed Grant S. Feikert..7OH Corvallis, Ore…Grant was a pioneer in the art of designing multi tower phased array antenna systems back in the 30s ..a professor emeritus at UofO eugene ..several scholarships in his name..and he spent time there as an instructor in the Dept of Electrical Engineeering.

I believe he worked for Westinghouse in the 30s as well..he was also a consulting engineer for many many years..I got to work with him as an assistant for several days regarding the 1520 KYXI-KSGO 3 tower antenna system , we had some issues with the pattern and several consulting engineers had to weigh in…Mr. Feikert came in later and did his analysis.

Interesting and intelligent man he was..He told me a few stories about those early days in AM radio and the advent of directional systems.