Re: On air names


I actually worked with a guy – at my very first radio job – who, in 15 years of being the station’s mid-day man, had NEVER used a name on the air. Not his real name, not an air name, nothing. We finally got him at Christmas, by starting a “Holiday Greetings” reel for all the station staff to record their holiday greetings for the audience. Everybody made a point of using their right at the top of the recording, i.e.: “Hi everybody! This is Mickey Jay wishing you the best Holiday Season ever and a Great New Year!” He couldn’t refuse, without looking like a jerk. The first time we played his cut: “Hi this is Don DeVos (his real name); from my house to yours, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year”, we got about 6 or 7 calls from listeners: “You know, I’ve been listening for (X) years, and that’s the first time I ever heard that guy use his name!”

He never did forgive us.