Re: On air names

Andy Brown

“Was Jay Nordlund on any other Portland area stations as Jay Nordlund?”

Not that I can remember from that period.

“”Seen any strangers in the station lately?” Anybody know where that line came from?”

Movie? Need a hint, Bob.

“Hey Andy, I think my saracasm about Mr. Mercedes Man didn’t make it past my keyboard.”

Let it out, Val. Howard is in Austin last I checked. I doubt he’s tuned into this little corner of the world.

I spoke to him last around 2003. He called me to complain about paying taxes, mostly. Said he was going

to sell his house and go to Cuba for a vacation and then move down by Howie, jr. in Texas.

“None of this matters much”

That’s what makes it so much fun, Charlie. My favorite Charlie Bush quote: I had stopped by KRCK to pick up a broken electronic keyboard belonging to John Walker (yet another Walker) I told him I would fix for him. We wandered into the control room and John asked Charlie “So, what’s the latest?” Charlie grabbed an invisible chain saw, pulled the invisible start rope, and made a great chainsaw sound and said “Nothing new here.” Priceless.