Re: On air names


PT @ KGW as Gary Mitchell.(jingle splice of Gary Lockwood and Bob Mitchell…Gordy Miller was da best in “Buck Central”)

Charlie Mason @ KBZY.(tribute to my mentor Al Mason a.k.a. Mike Rivers)

Doc Maynard @ KING Radio 11 in Seattle.(Local, historical, colorful name given to me by Steve Lawson a.k.a. Scott Terry)

Charlie Busch began 2/76 in the apartment of my new boss in Spokaloo, Steve Taylor, a.k.a. “Citizen Bill”. He dug “Charlie”, and the “Busch” came from what I’m guessing was about our 25th Budweiser. I’m just now starting to sober up from that one! None of this matters much, but it is fun reading about all the “psuedo psychos”. I’m with Val. Freddie Flack is one of the all time greats! Remember….”You’re never alone when you’re schizophrenic”. I have lots of company. Call me Craig.