Re: On air names

Andy Brown

“when I worked at KVAN, Mr. Slobodin asked me to change it to Beverly Hills, what a hoot!”

Mr. Slobodi? No one called him Mr. Slobodin. It was Howard. Except Sleepy John who called him Howierd. 😀

Speaking of Sleepy John, he’s back on the air after a long hiatus …

I’m with you Valerie, my real name was radio perfect, or at least my nickname “Andy” as opposed to my legal name “Andrew” although both are two syllables. Six years on the air using it never presented privacy problems because it is popular enough to have multiple listings, and back in those days there was no internet to google folks or check them on Zabasearch. Plus “Brown” is the fifth most popular name in the U.S. I was surprised, though, that I’m the only one on with that name. But I digress. Howard was also the one that made Jay Nordlund use the air name Lee Abrahams (a big time radio consultant for those that aren’t in the industry). I forget his justification, other than grins and giggles. The Big B.A. might remember.