Re: On air names


Just yesterday…something happened to me…relative to a radio name.

I bought a bedroom set at the huge garage sale , yesterday early about 7 AM. I left a check with the misses and she told me to come back in the afternoon and that the ” MR.” would haul it all over to my house. So I come back in the afternoon and the MR and I talked for a few minutes and he digs out my check and looks at it…and then looks back at me and says ” Have you ever worked in a radio station ? ” …’ You sound like a guy I used to listen to a long time ago “…WHAT !!! ..Well yes, it turns out he remembered me from AM 960 KALE. KALE hasnt run a music format since November of 1994 !!! Well I was on oldies 95.7 for a long time, so he might have been getting it wrapped up with that station too…anyway I was real surpised at all this and thanked him for ‘ Remembering “…and that sometimes ‘ I dont even remember it any more ” …