Re: On air names


I always had a problem with this for some reason. I would make up a radio name and then wind up just using some version of my own name anyhow, as it just ” auto morphed ” that way at every station I worked at.

First it was ” Al Conway ” at KUIK…, that one I kept pretty much intact, as I didnt work for that station too long, a few months. Eventually , when I moved to the Tri Cities it was just Al Cook or BIG AL Cook or BIG Al the Kennewickman , which stuck for years…and that one I was most comfortable with really.

At SRO you did two stations at once. KIOK live and KALE automated ( for me it was live and automated depending on what day of the week ) , So they wanted a different name for each station, of course…Well, It started out thay way for me, ya, lasted about 3 weeks and then I was just the same name on BOTH AM and FM !!! Problem is I could not remember who I was …automating and on LIVE..lots of times you would update your weathers or even a voice track for some reason and be running up and down the hallway being live and automating…and get confused ROFL LOL…

I just wound up using the same name on both frequencies. AND no one cared in management, as it turned out. The listeners used to ask me on remotes or at an event or what not, HOW do you do that ? Be on two stations at one time ? It was real schitzophrenic !! Most of the time I would tell them the truth of the matter. Sometimes I would spin a ‘tall tale” to someone, especially if they pissed me off, about how I had a master mic switch that if you flipped it to one side it was KALE and the other side it was KIOK and then I could talk out of ‘both sides of my mouth ‘…