Re: McMinnville’s KMCM – KCYX & KLYC


Update: Mike Johnson gave me Marty Lancer’s E-Mail address. All I can say is WOW! Marty has an incredible memory. He gave me so much new information for this history, I decided to re-post his time period at KCYX. There is so much added I started new paragraphs! He gave me 17 names not listed before. Plus I got additional information from Josh Fields in this time period, so there is a lot you’ve never seen.


In Spring 1985 Jim Patterson (later KMJK-FM sales) became Program Director and continued doing afternoon drive. Also in 1985 Scott Roberts (later on KCNR) joined the air staff. In September 1985 Josh Fields (son of 1963-68 KMCM owner Ray Fields & Jackie Fields-Wind, former KCYX S.D.) began Sunday mornings, in addition to engineering & producing the Spanish language program “The Latino Spirit of Yamhill County” (Espiritu Latino del Condao Yamhill) which was hosted by Felix Zamora, with Reuben Contreras, Sr. & Isabel Montemayor. Josh Fields also KCYX’s “News Hound” helped Ben Gutierrez hunt down local news stories.

In February 1986 Marty Lanser (formerly KWWW PSD, KNCW MD, KHSN, KBDF, KSHR, KNCW PD, KCDA-FM, KLCK PD & co-owner) began hosting the “Open Line” talk show. The KCYX line-up: Steve Kenyon & Ben Gutierrez, news 6-9am; Marty Lanser “Open Line” 9-11am; Mike Thomas 11-3pm; Kerry O’Donnell 3-7pm; Andy Tripp 7-12am. Weekenders included Josh Fields, Bryan Wolf, John Prevedello (later KUGN, KZEL & KEZI GM), Jeff Templeton (formerly aka J.T. Scott on KOHI) 12-6pm Sundays & Chris Cunningham, sales. Then in March 1986 the schedule changed to: Steve Kenyon & Ben Gutierrez, news 6-9am; Ben Gutierrez “Open Line” 9-11am; Kerry O’Donnell 11-3pm; Marty Lancer 3-7pm; Andy Tripp 7-12am.

In April 1986 Tom Lockyear began afternoon news on KCYX. In May 1986 Don Rogers began weekends. In July 1986 Tom Lockyear moved to disc jockey evenings 7-12am. In September 1986 Don Rogers took over middays 11-3pm. By November 1986 Ben Z. Gutierrez became Music Director as well as News Director & Josh Fields had moved to weekend afternoons. In May 1987 Steve Kenyon moved to KAGO and was replaced by Steve Gaffney, mornings 6-9am. By June 1987 Josh Fields had moved to full-time mid-days, in addition to doing news & sports for Marty Lanser’s afternoon show. In June 1987 John Pundt (later KNPT/KYTE sales, KOOS/KTEE/KBDN/KJMX GM) began in sales. In late June 1987 Dan Hyatt began weekends.

On July 31, 1987 KCYX was sold to Matrix Media, Inc. (Michael S. Symons, President) for $681,812. Matrix Media also owned KBCH & KCRF (FM) Lincoln City. In August 1987 Bryan Walker (KBCH/KCRF CE) became Chief Engineer. Josh Fields temporarily took middays 11-3pm & John Hugill (formerly on KWIP, KAAR PD, KKRZ APM) became Production Director. Ray Nelson & Ray Nelson Jr. weekends. In September 1987 Steve Kenyon (formerly on KAGO) returned. Glenn Nobel (formerly on KAGO, simultaneously on KSLC) weekends & Mark Lacy (later on KWJJ) joined the air staff. In September Dan Hyatt (later on KYJC) was placed in the midday slot.

On September 25, 1987 KCYX changed format to A.C. & Talk, 24 hours daily, when it became Portland’s affiliate for “The Larry King Show”. KUPL had dropped the show in Spring 1987. KCYX began the King show live at 12:06am to 2am with a tape delay 2:06am to 5am. Now with a much larger audience listening in the station’s fringe, KCYX was being bombarded from Northern listeners wanting the station to increase power and begin the King show at an earlier hour. In October 1987 Gregg K. Clapper (later on KKGT, KTLK & KPAM PD) became General Manager; Rich Patterson (formerly on KEX/KQFM, KIQY & simultaneously at KKRZ with KCYX) Program Director.

By October 1987 the KCYX air staff included: Steve Kenyon & Ben Gutierrez, news 5-9am; “Open Line” with Ben Gutierrez 9-11am; Rich Patterson 11-3pm; Marty Lanser 3-7pm; John Hugill (later on KMJK-FM, KKSN, KKSN-FM PM, KLTH CD) 7-12am; Larry King 2-5am. Weekends included: Chris Sargent (later on KACI, KQEN, KTMT, KKMX PD, KXYQ-FM, KKJJ PD, KYGO-FM, KEJO/KLOO/KLOO-FM/KRKT/KTHH Dir. of Prog., KIFS/KLDZ/KMED/KRWQ/KZZE Dir. of Prog., KDUK/KFLY/KODZ/KPNW Dir. of Prog., KFBW/KLTH PD) 6-noon Sundays. On November 16, 1987 KCYX moved the beginning of “The Larry King Show” to 9:06pm live to 2am and repeating 2:06am to 5am. On November 30, 1987 KCYX’s Larry King domination ended when KXL picked up the show, beginning the program at 11:06pm. KCYX listeners still heard Larry two hours before KXL.

In January 1988 Jon Scot (formerly on KZOZ, later on KKRZ/KEX, KKSN-FM) became Production Director; K.C. McCormick (formerly on KSLM) became Public Affairs Director & KCYX cancelled the “Open Line” talk show. The air staff line-up included: Steve Kenyon & Ben Gutierrez (later on KHVH, KHNR ND, KITV, KGMB-TV weatherman) news 5-10am (except Mondays 5-8am because of Steve’s sales meeting); Marty Lanser (later KOSO APD, KQOD, KUYL PD, KWSX) 10-3pm (except Mondays 8-3pm); Rich Patterson (later KEX APD/MD & KPAM-860) 3-6pm; K.C. McCormick 6-9pm; Larry King 9pm-5am.