Re: McMinnville’s KMCM – KCYX & KLYC


Special Thanks to Ruben Contreras Jr. for finding this gem, which features a young Ivan Smith reading the news. Here’s what you see:

In this rare silent video tour of KMCM from 1952, we first see one of the towers. The camera pans down to the original small studio building before the 1963 edition. First we see Jack Bladine’s daughter, Phyllis (now Phyllis Anusich) KMCM receptionist, who is typing. I’m guessing in the next scene is Bill Powell, behind his desk, reading a letter. In the next clip is Glasco Branson, KMCM Sales Manager, behind his desk, on the phone. Then it’s to the KMCM transmitter room with Chief Engineer, Skip Hathaway, adjusting the pachbay for the camera and tuning the Western Electric 443A-1 transmitter. Next we see Skip who was also part of the KMCM air staff, in the main studio running the board and cueing newsman, Ivan Smith, who we see reading the news. Ivan would later be seen on television doing the same thing on KPTV & KGW-TV. This is a short film, running 1:41.