Re: McMinnville’s KMCM – KCYX & KLYC


Rich: When I got over to the master copy it said Glen Nobel began morning drive in January 1990. I’ve included the paragraph below.

Was the “6 at 6” just a six song shift?

I’ve added the Sean Foy shift.

Also can you remember what Dick Saint(e)’s shift was in 1989?


In Spring 1988 Warren Franklin (formerly on KAPS, KBAM, KVAS PD, KSLM, KGAL, KTDO, KVAN-1550 PD/MD, KYKN) became General Manager (later KBZY VP). Also by this time KCYX had moved Larry King to an 8:06pm starting time and ended the program at 2am. From 2-5am music was played with Mark Lacy. In Summer 1988 Lauren Engel began weekends. In Fall 1988 Cindy Starr began weekends. In Spring 1989 Dick Saint(e) (formerly aka Dick Middleton on KLOO, KFLY, KBZY, aka Dick Saint on KISN, KGB, KFRC, KRLA, KHJ, WLS, KIIS, WCFL, KWJJ, KEX, later on KFMS) joind the air staff. In January 1990 Glenn Nobel returned (formerly on KAGO, KLAD) and began morning drive. By February 1990 Sean Foy was on 3-6pm. In March 1990 Glenn Nobel became Program Director.

On May 14, 1990 Thomas Huntsberger, trustee of the bankrupt estate of Matrix Media, Inc. sold KCYX to Eugene businessmen Larry R. Bohnsack for $120,000. On May 16, 1990 KCYX suspended operations and left the air for 50 days. On June 20, 1990 calls were changed to KLYC which stood for: Leading Yamhill County. This slogan was not used on air.