Re: KWAY – The Short History of Forest Grove Radio


I’ve expanded one paragraph in the KWAY history to three, thanks to KISN alumni Chuck Weber who began his radio career at the station. Chuck aka Steve Phillips gives us a glimpse into the KWAY studio:

In Summer 1963 Steve Phillips (later aka Steve Weber on KGAR, KBND, aka Steve Phillips on KAGO, AFRS Adak, KROW, aka Web Camel on KATA, aka Steve Bronson on KACI, aka Chuck Weber KISN PD/MD, aka Jockey John KUJ PD, aka Chuck Carson on KNND, KWWW, aka Steve Weber KODL CE, KGRV CE, KWVA CE, KEUG) was a disc jockey on KWAY. Slogans: “Heavenly 1570” & “When News Breaks Out, K-Way Breaks In!” By September 1963 Gene Nelson (later on KGAR, KBOY, aka Peter Anthony Mann KGAR MD, aka Doctor Love on KUJ) was a DJ, as were Slow Joe, mornings & John Starr, middays.

Steve Phillips remembers: “Turntables were oil driven and had to be warmed-up. You could still get away with playing a 33 rpm at 45 rpm, until the speed caught up. If the morning man was late for the sign-on and National Anthem, he would use the gear-driven large turntable. That was for transcriptions,I believe. The cart machines had no cue system; they were the first cart players. You recorded audio on a Maggy reel to reel. The P.D. would take the tape and wind it onto a cartridge. The audio take went like so: “Cue to cut number one in Three, Two, One.” Stop the cart here; it is all cued-up ready to play. “Cue to Cut two. 3, 2, 1.”

“The transmitter readings were taken on a direct-wired remote control panel up on the right. The pungent sweet smell of cigarettes in the air, the concept of early Top 50 rock and roll music, comin’ right out of high school to a career and the remoteness of Forest Grove, and the chill in the air electrified us. This was like the first broadcast like a WLS station to me.” By October 1964 Paul W. Savercool was President, Station Manager & Promotions Manager; Norma Savercool, Program Director & News Director; Harold O. Savercool, Commercial Manager.