Re: KVAN – The Mono Maniacs – Mrs. Murphy & More


While corresponding with Don Wilkinson on the KPDQ history. I sent him the Mrs. Murphy, KVAN history and Don sent me this nugget. I’ve placed this in 1965. Don can’t remember when this happened but it was at the Jantzen Beach transmitter site:

Don Wilkinson (formerly on KVAS, KPDQ CE, KLOO CE, simultaneously KPDQ AM/FM ACE, KATU CE, later KJIB ACE, KOMO CE) remembers Mrs. Murphy: “She called me one day and said that there was something wrong with her transmitter, that it could only be heard for several blocks. I confirmed this as I drove up to the site. The first thing I noticed going in the building was that the 4-400s in the transmitter were lit up like light bulbs. I had her turn the transmitter off while I made a quick visual inspection. I found that someone had placed a stack of pennies in the spark gap at the tower, shorting it out. The transmitter came back up without any apparent damage. Cathryn told me that she didn’t have any money and couldn’t pay me. Lesson learned. That was the last time I heard from her…fortunately.”