Re: KVAN – The Mono Maniacs – Mrs. Murphy & More


KVAN stories keep surfacing. This one has been added to the master copy but thought of posting it here as well. Enjoy!


Capitol Records Promotional Manager for The Pacific Northwest was Stan Foreman. Stan would visit KVAN with the latest releases and remembers:

“Howard was indeed a strange dude…at least as far as most radio station owners/managers go…unless you consider a station manager wearing a cowboy hat and boots and having a pistol on his desk as normal. Howard was into playing a lot of new music on KVAN and the record promotion people loved that. And speaking of love, Howard especially loved the time buys that we would send his way to support the airplay. I do remember going to the KVAN studios and walking up the “gangplank” to the houseboat which housed the studios…and Howard’s dogs would come running out to greet us. It was kind of like Woodstock On The River…lots of music, drugs, dogs, food, whatever. Those were some good times.”