Re: KVAN – The Mono Maniacs – Mrs. Murphy & More


KVAN stories keep surfacing. This one has been added to the master copy but thought of posting it here as well. Enjoy!


On May 29, 1976 Double Tee Promotions presented “Journey with special guest Thin Lizzy”, 8:00pm, Saturday at the Paramount Theatre, $6.00.

The Big B.A. remembers: “After release of “Jailbreak” I called a friend who worked at Rocky Butte Jail, I got him to agree to let inmates send KVAN a letter why they should get one night to see Thin Lizzy in the Paramount. Inmates had to have charges less than a Felony to be able to send a letter. We ended up picking 2 inmates, one was a forger, the other was in for roughing up his wife. I have a picture. We picked the inmates up in a limo and the reaction from inmates at Rocky Butte Jail when the limo pulled up was like a rock festival. Once in the Paramount the inmates had one guard to keep an eye on both and one of the inmates actually disappeared after the show. Boy did the record company take advantage of that incident when it came to promotion.”