Re: KVAN – The Mono Maniacs – Mrs. Murphy & More


Jimbo: Your’re correct, writing something like this would have been nearly impossible a decade ago and even if tried, it wouldn’t have been so inclusive.

When I began writing the KXL history in 2004, I was still using paper and pen. Adding information into an area I had already hand written was a pain. I would cut out the new info with a scissors and then cut the history page where it need to be inserted, then Scotch tape them together. Pages would grow so large I would have to cut them up into separate pages. These pages at times would be cut up so much that the tape would be 4 or 5 times thick and would make the pages hilly!

Spending evenings at the library for weeks and in KXL’s case months, having to order “The Portland Telegram” newspaper books because they were never transferred to microfilm. KXL had an association with the newspaper it gave the best coverage of the station.

Now all the old “Oregonian” newspapers are on-line. As are the “Broadcasting Yearbooks.” I’m no longer spending evenings a PSU library sometimes staying until midnight researching old Yearbooks when PSU would kick out the non-students.

With my word pad on my computer, it’s a snap! Plus the on-line sites never close. I can spend as much time as needed, not having to hurry up. Facebook has also made it easier to connect with personnel than ever before. I’m taking less time on writing histories and getting better results! I love the future!