Re: Hillsboro’s KUIK


I am almost embarassed to admit that my airname at KUIK was ” Al Conway “.

I dont know what posessed me to use that name, I later found out that it was the same name of some guy who used to do a local N.W. sportsman fishing show on one of the Portland TV stations. At least his last name was Conway and some of my friends laughed at me using the name of a fly fisherman.

I found it interesting that John Zweigertt came up with some jock-liner jingles produced for me after I had been there 3 or so months. The Jock shout said ‘ Al Cook “….So I guess John was trying to get me to stay there and be on the air full time and change my name. It was somewhat flattering and I had fun working there, being on the air and doing top 40, which is what I was in to at that time.

I decided to take the Engineering/Weekend NIS window clock-fill rip and read News reader gig at KYXI/KGON in August of 76′.