Re: Hillsboro’s KUIK


This is a revision of six paragraphs in the 1950’s of the KUIK History. Unknown until recently was Harold Singleton’s new partner in the 1957 reorganization. Also parts of 1958 & 59 have been completely re-written because of all the additional ownership names and more air personalities. Special thanks go to Jerry Dennon for his insight in this revision.


On January 1, 1957 KRTV was transferred to: Tualatin Valley Broadcasting, Inc. (Harold C. Singleton, President & 80%; Roberta Lanouette, 20%, former KGW writer & Producer) in a corporate reorganization of ownership (FCC approval on 12-11-56). On February 14, 1957 KRTV became KUIK. Call slogan: Radio Quick, the new sound of suburban radio. KUIK music was described as “happy, bright & light” with “Quick daily news” at :55 and frequent time signals. The Radio Quick DJ’s were: Bill Howlett (later on KVAN, KLIQ & KISN ND), Wes Lynch & Paul Alexander.

In 1957 H. Ben “Bennie” Murphy (formerly KIT CE) became General Manager. In 1958 Wallace L. Kadderly (formerly KOAC PD, KGW FD) became Farm Director; Ralph Hull (later on KISN, KOIL & aka Paul Anthony on KGON-1520) was a “Radio Quick” DJ. In March 1958 Dan Niles joined the air staff. By July 1958 Jerry Colkitt was General Manager & Bennie Murphy, Chief Engineer. By August 1958 Wes Lynch was Program Director.

On September 26, 1958 it was announced KUIK was sold to KUIK Broadcasters (Gerald B. “Jerry” Dennon, 25%, formerly KOIN AM-FM-TV Asst. Promotion Manager; John P. Gillis, 25%; George I. West standing in for silent partner Ronald L.”Ron” Rule, 50%, KOIN-TV staff announcer. West was Ron’s brother-in-law) for $62,500. (FCC approval on 10-22-58; Transfer on 10-31-58). Jerry Dennon became General Manager & P.D. with John Gillis, Sales Manager. KUIK switched format to “Good Music” 9am to 3pm with “Rock & Roll banned during these hours”. Continuing slogan as: The Suburban Sound.

The Quick DJ’s were: Jerry Dennon (later co-founding the Jerden record label, issuing the million seller “Louie Louie” by The Kingsmen. He would later co-found KSWB as well) signing on at 7am. Ray Horn (formerly on KGON-1230, KYNG, KEX & now simultaneously on KGW) 10am. On December 1, 1958 Paul Alexander returned as Farm Director at 12 noon. On December 10, 1958 KUIK sign on began at 6am with Clair Musser (later on KRDR) and Wes Lynch (later KGW PD) at 7am & Ray Horn at 9am.

On December 27, 1958 it was reported KUIK had made improvements on its Collins transmitter capacity. On December 29, 1958 John Gillis took over the 7am to 9am shift. On January 26, 1959 KUIK switched back to a 7am sign on with John Gillis. New DJ, Rod Anderson (aka Rod Anders, formerly on KTIL, KFLW) at 9am & Ray Horn (later on KQIV, KKUL) moved to 12:15pm. On February 5, 1959 it was announced KUIK Broadcasters had applied for reorganization of the license. Herman Goldberg & Virginia Riley each purchased 20% in stock. John P. Gillis became General Manager.

In April 1959 John P. Gillis purchased KUIK fully from his partners, becoming President & G.M. Licensee name changed to John P. Gillis. By 1959 the “Radio Quick” DJ’s were: Rod Anderson (later on KXL, KPOJ & aka Ramblin’ Rod on KPTV); Roger Ferrier (formerly on KENL, KVAN, KENL, later on KLIQ, KEX, aka Roger Hart on KISN, KGAY PD, KGAL PD, KKEY, KGON, KISN, Paul Revere & The Raiders, manager and early producer, KGAR MD, KKEY, KKUL, KKEY, KYTE, KKSN, KPOJ, KZNY MD/PM, KKAD). By December 1959 KUIK slogan: Hometown radio 1360.