Re: Hillsboro’s KUIK


Craig, I started spring of 1987, as a weekender then started stringing on local news. At some point I moved to weekday overnights, ending my shift by doing AM drive news anchor duties while Brad started his day running the Morning Show. When Brad left for KEX, I took over the board duties (still at the end of my overnight shift) and Ken Kane was hired as the new News Director. This continued for several months until another significant reshuffle (including taking the station off air during the overnight hours) and I went to evenings. This all happened before the end of 1989 because I had moved along to KEX by January of 1990, doing afternoon production duties, evening/weekend board op (including alternating with Rich Patterson on engineering for Sportsline, and the last years for NorthWest at Night w/Don Wright which was a weekend show by then) but no on-air work.

I used my given name Steve Ward throughout this time period.