Re: Hillsboro’s KUIK



At KYXI I used my given name…Alan Cook. And because it was ‘news ‘ , only as a tag line at the end of the ” Oregon Feature story” once an hour in the middle of the night on Sat/Sunday N.I.S clock fill in . No big deal for sure ! The main reasons for me even being on the air was first , Tranmitter maintenance and having a First Phone operator on duty for that 50kw directional AM and, second, a way to make some extra money and fill the wee hours of a Sunday morning for P.D. Paul Hanson! They had no automation then.

I was hired primarily as a studio tech and some basic transmitter maintenance and radial runner for the Chief, Mike Cooley and various other Consulting engineers. I learned how to do a skeleton proof..and some other things regarding Engineering operations at that time.

I never did any other gig at a Portland Metro radio station after working for McCoy broadcast.