Re: Eugene Radio Happenings


Both are listed at the same coordinates on Blanton Heights in south Eugene. I am located just over 3 miles away, with small nearby hill to attenuate the signals a bit, but it’s still a great place for front-end overload.

However, the 103.7 (KNRQ) license to cover the move from Lebanon to Harrisburg was granted on 9-4-13, yet I have not noted this particular problem until now. My receivers are a Yamaha T-85 and a Sony XDR-F1HD, which have both served me fairly well in this hot RF environment. If it had just popped up on only one receiver I would first suspect that to be a possible culprit, but appearing on two receivers at the same time…I dunno.

Perhaps a little attenuation would do me good anyway.

I also have a Pioneer SX-850 and a Pioneer TX-980, which have always been totally hammered with overload at my location.