Re: Eugene Radio Happenings


KAVE 88.5 in Oakridge receives KRVM-HD1 from Eugene and rebroadcasts it in analog 88.5 in Oakridge. System worked well until their Daysequerra HD receiver went tits up. KAVE has been using an analog-only receiver that sounds like what it is: a receiver doing what it can with weak analog. Not good

I talked them into trying my custom modified XDR-F1HD HD tuner. It works great! No issues with the unbalanced outputs, tuner gets a solid HD lock on KRVM HD1 and retransmits it. Battery backup, for presets, powers up to KRVM. Alignment optimized for 91.9 KRVM. To the locals it sounds like a local broadcast now, not some weak fuzzy station 50 miles away.