Re: Eugene Radio Happenings

Andy Brown

Actually, no. The theoretical 60 dBu looks good but if you look at the topography, the mountains around it are all as high or higher than the site so it will cover Eugene quite nicely but will face issues from about 80º (towards parts of Springfield) all the way around to about 280º. Coverage in Veneta will be marginal and in Creswell non existent, and they are both inside the 60 dBu contour. Veneta is down in a hole and the terrain between the xmtr site and there is all high up at the approximate same height. Between the xmtr site and Creswell, the mountains actually are higher in places by at least 100 meters. Most of Springfield will be OK, some of it not all that great.

To see what I mean, download the KML file from this link (be sure and get the CP kml file):

Then launch it and it will open Google Earth and you will see for yourself.

FCC servers are running really slow for me tonight. You might want to wait until tomorrow.

This is why I keep telling you that Radio Locator isn’t worth much for real FM coverage unless you know the terrain.

The giveaway is that when the HAAT is very small but the AMSL is high, you’re in the mountains (or high desert plateau with a short tower) and all bets are off. They only get awarded the full 250 W because the HAAT is so small. FYI, a 250 watt signal at 2000 feet HAAT is a class C2.

Besides, it is a fill in translator and it’s 60 dBu has to be inside its main 60 dBu. It’s all about covering Eugene.