Re: Eugene Radio Happenings


Unfortunately on the Global Tuners node I can have HD with FM; or I can trade the HD for AM. So far I’ve stuck with the HD. It’s the software. And the developer is in Europe with no access to HD for testing updates. I actually have a newer version that tunes much more quickly but has no HD support at all. That is problematic with the tuner unless I modify it to force analog mode on HD stations. I hate to do that.

So if the Oregon Country Fair will have its own LPFM, I wonder if that means KRVM & KLCC won’t be doing live broadcasts from the Fair any more?

Are the religioids deliberately trying to game the LPFM application system? Reading the complaints it seems like either they are, or they’re clueless, or they’ve hired incompetent advisors for making these applications.

Funny thing on the KRVM streaming, they had told me there were a few regular streaming listeners on weekends, and next to nothing the rest of the time. That’s been my experience: two or three weekend regulars, nothing much the rest of the time.