Re: Eugene Radio Happenings


Groucho Marx allegedly once said something to the effect of, “I’m sorry I haven’t written back sooner but I’ve been very busy not answering letters, and I just got around to not answering yours.”

Re: HD and 2nd adjacents, in the case of receiving KWAX interference on 90.7, the 90.7 translator is located a few miles north of Eugene, almost to the Linn County line. I live 11 miles south of the translator and about 3 miles from KWAX. Without KWAX HD, 90.7 is very listenable stereo, although not quite full quieting. With KWAX HD on, 90.7 is barely receivable but unlistenable on my Yamaha T-85 in the narrowest mode, and on my Sony HD tuner. Driving around in my Honda, when KWAX HD is off, 90.7 is a little spotty in S. Eugene, but decent everywhere else in Eugene, but my auto-gradual-high-blend is fully mono everywhere as well. With KWAX HD on, 90.7 is hammered to the northern-most areas of Eugene, and even spotty inside its 60 dBu. (90.7 is very weak in most of Springfield due to shading from Coburg Ridge.)