Re: Eugene Radio Happenings


(from previous posts)

>> No, I believe that KFMY is the oldest FM in Oregon.

>> KFMY signed on the air January 17, 1959.

KRVM signed on in 1947 as part of the Eugene Vocational School.

Roger Houglum was instrumental in building and starting the station, and some say KRVM stood for “King Roger’s Vocational Masterpiece”. Perhaps only a rumor, but a good one nonetheless.

From the website:

“Eugene Vocational School responded to the need for skilled workers during World War II and then made a successful transition to peacetime after 1945. In 1947, the radio station KRVM signed on as the first educational FM station in the northwest.”

Regarding Barry “Bear” Corkery…. I worked with Bear at KFMY in the ’70s, and those were some great days.