Re: Eugene Radio Happenings


(I would have preferred to start a new thread, but someone was taken to task previously for starting an out-of-market thread for a longtime air personality who had passed on.)

Longtime Eugene rock radio personality, Barry “Bear” Corkery passed away on May 23rd, but an obit was just published today. His stops included KFMY, KZEL, and for a short time he was a VJ at KLSR TV when it first signed on as a low-powered music video channel.

I first discovered Barry on “Earth Rock 98,” KFMY around ’74 or ’75 doing an oldies show called “Olds 98” and I was an instant fan. At that time I recall him mentioning on air he had worked at KSJO in San Jose prior to coming to Oregon. Not mentioned in the obit was a short stint at “Earth Radio” KSFM in Sacto, where I found him while on a road trip.

One historical error in the obit has KFMY as “[T]he first independent FM radio station in Oregon.” If I recall Craig’s information correctly, that title would go with KPFM, which didn’t have an AM for it’s first 5 years.

I hope to get some audio of Barry up soon.