Re: Eugene Radio Happenings


I have more on the story of Bob’s pirate station. Bob was a close friend of mine, and I’m the person who helped him get on the air with a transmitter and music library. Bob had a real passion for radio, and I wanted him to succeed. He hosted the night shift at one the most popular stations in our market. Bob’s PD, Jerry wanted to put a female on the night shift, and moved Bob to weekends only. Bob was upset with Jerry for taking him off the shift he loved. Bob told listeners who called the request line during his weekend shift, to listen to him on his pirate station. I warned Bob that he would lose his job, if his PD heard about this. As I predicted, Bob lost his job. Bob’s pirate station was reported to the FCC, and they came and shut down his station. A co-worker of mine had heard Bob’s pirate station, and told the chief engineer of the company I worked for. This engineer was the person who called the FCC, and I informed Bob of this. I suggested to Bob that he turn off his transmitter before the FCC came, but he continued to broadcast. Bob was very upset with Jerry for firing him, but he knew that Jerry wasn’t the person who contacted the FCC. Bob had a temper, but he would never kill anyone. He told me about the rumors about him being spotted near the station with a gun. Bob didn’t even own a gun. Bob was very depressed after losing his job, but he was never hospitalized in a mental ward. Bob went on to host the night shift on another station in our market, and later moved to a large market where he worked weekend shifts. He eventually left the radio business behind, to work in security and safety management. He died at the age of 28, due to a health issue that was misdiagnosed. He had called me a few days before his death, and seemed to be in good spirits. I can still hear Bob’s booming voice in my mind, as he rests in peace. As for Jerry, I never met him, but I know he’s a very skilled radio programmer, and a good man. He continues his quality work at a heritage radio station in a market I know quite well. I currently program two heritage radio stations in Oregon, and I enjoy this business as much as ever.