Re: Eugene Radio Happenings


Pirate radio may seem like a quirky, almost cool hobby, but I would like to share a quick story that can now be told…the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Also, the principles involved have all either died or moved on to other positions. This all happend before the turn of the 21st century.

Bob was a part-time employee at a top rated radio station in a medium sized Oregon market. Jerry was the P.D. Bob wanted to become full-time, but wasn’t quite ready. Jerry tried to coach him, but discovered he was telling listeners on his shift to check out his pirate station. Serious breach there, according to Jerry. Jerry fires Bob for this reason.

Sometime later, Bob comes back and gets within one block of the radio station with a gun and later admits to another employee he was thinking about killing Jerry. He thought Jerry had intentionally tried to shut down his pirate station through complaints to authorities. Jerry never did such, but that was Bob’s thought.

Bob died several years later, and at some point had been hospitalized in a mental ward.

This story is true. And it happened in a medium Oregon market.