Re: Eugene Radio Happenings


Page 11 of that Ibiquity white paper (most of which is way over my head) is a table of the different service modes and bitrates. Am I interpreting it correctly that P1 always represents HD1? And…

In Mode MP1 (Hybrid) you have only HD1 with a bitrate of 98.4kbps, the max possible.

In Modes MP2 thru MP7 (Extended Hybrid) you have HD1 + HD2 and possibly HD3; and that there are predefined bitrates assigned to each.

So for example if you choose Mode MP7, you have:

HD1 @ 24.8 kbps

HD2 @ 98.4 kbps

HD3 @ 24.8 kbps

Or am I completely confused? If my layman’s interpretation is correct, it would seem that yes you can have (for example) HD2 with a much higher bitrate than HD1.

Sorry if I’m taking this off-topic, but I am thinking of this in terms of Eugene’s stations if that helps. 😉