Re: Eugene Radio Happenings


Well it’s only my opinion and I’m not in the business… But I just don’t see any point in doing sub channels in a small market like Eugene. Make your HD1 as good as it can be and leave it at that.

A couple years ago I got my intro to HD in a new car. At that time, when I tuned KRVM HD1 (there was no HD2 then) the display said “HD Radio Live”. No other HD station I’ve tried in Eugene or Portland has said “Live”. I’m assuming they were using highest quality possible with minimum data compression. The “Live” seemed to go away around the time they turned on HD2. Funny thing is I’ve googled it etc and never found any explanation for the “Live” designation.

Having said that, what HD there is in Eugene all sounds very good to me, HD1 that is.

EDIT I just found a screenshot showing “Live”: Coincidentally I had a VW too with the same radio.

Disclaimer: I may be an idiot. 😉