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This from All Access:

Jury Finds Against Discrimination Lawsuit By Former KFLY Employee

A jury returned a verdict in a lawsuit from broadcaster MICHAEL FLEMING regarding an on-air firing and bullying from members of THE DONKEY SHOW, the afternoon-drive program on BICOASTAL MEDIA Rock KFLY/EUGENE, OR in just two hours YESTERDAY (2/21).

FLEMING filed a $500,000 lawsuit claiming ageism/sex discrimination and wrongful demotion against BICOASTAL MEDIA’s THE DONKEY SHOW and host CHAD “TANNER” HANEY and his cohorts for his firing and bullying over a SUPER BOWL promotion last JANUARY 2012. FLEMING declined to participate in the SUPER BOWL promotion; allegedly TANNER and THE DONKEY SHOW harrassed and ultimately fired FLEMING.

THE REGISTER-GUARD reports, “The jury of eight women and four men began deliberating about 1p and announced that they had reached their verdict shortly before 3p. They found against former local radio personality MICHAEL FLEMING on all counts and awarded no damages.