Re: Earliest KISN Air Checks Ever & More


This is a nice treasure trove of airchecking. There is far too much material to comment on in one post. But I listened to a couple of them.

Re: Hal Raymond KISN 1959. The year I was born. That, alone fascinates me. What a cool syle this guy had. The term, “more music, less yak” certainly predates the common liner “more music, less talk”. “You owe it to yourself” is still overused today, unfortunately. Cigerette commercials sound so odd today. “A sleak, new ’59 Rambler” sounds hilarious to me today.

Re: Tom Murphy KJR 1969. Wow, just ten years after the Hal Raymond aircheck, KJR was a different animal. You can hear a little Larry Lujack in Tom Murphy here, and why not, as Lujack had moved into the bigs just a couple years earlier from KJR. This aircheck sounds like it was dx’d from somewhere outside Seattle, but that just adds to the flavor, IMO. Tom was great at using localisms. I also noted that most of the request lines were still alphabet pre-fixed, except for their main number 421-9290. This must have been right about the time alphabet prefixes were going to the grave. The “421” prefix remained with Seattle radio stations for decades after. This ‘check of Murphy was indeed a good representation of what KJR was during this era, a personality-driven top40. KING-AM attacked them with “more music” just two years later.

Look forward to listening to the other airchecks you offered here.