Re: Earliest KISN Air Checks Ever & More


One of the 1969 airchecks embarrassed me with my (Gen-X centric) ignorance. The aircheck contained a cover of the song “Walk on By,” performed by Isaac Hayes. I had never heard the Hayes version of this song before; I had only heard a sample of the first few bars of the song (including the distinctive guitar riff and the voices that sing something that sounds like like “Car Wash”) used by the band Hooverphonic in their record “2Wicky” in 1996. Before I bought the Hooverphonic album a few months ago, I didn’t realize that their song used a sample from a previous recording. Before I heard the aforementioned aircheck, I didn’t realize how much of the song Hooverphonic had ripped off!!! I f@(<!#& hate sampling!!!!! It is plagiarism.