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Local radio station sale pending

July 17, 2013 7:00 am • By Steve Lindsley, The Umpqua Post

It appears Reedsport’s KDUN radio has found a buyer.

The station’s owner, Sandy Abendroth, put the station up for sale after the death of her husband, Kent, earlier this year.

From a posting on All Access: In other filings with the FCC, Sand and Sea Broadcasting, LLC is selling Oldies KDUN (K-DUNE) to Charles Contreras’ Post Rock Communications, LLC for $130,000.

Contreras has been in radio for more than 30 years and is currently the owner of KKYT, a country station in Ridgecrest, Calif., in the Los Angeles area.

He couldn’t talk about the status of the sale, which the FCC may take months to consider, but did say his radio focus was on local.

“Back in the day,” he said, “when radio was radio, the emphasis was nothing but local.”

He has kept that philosophy for stations he managed, put on the air as an engineer and now the station he owns in California.

“Our emphasis is always local,” he said. “News, sports and weather, and even on the music format stations.”

Contreras’ experience includes on air for the “Music of Your Life” format and as an announcer at KODA radio in Houston.

“We were required to do news at the top of the hour,’ he said. You had to write your own news, sports and weather.”

He criticized large corporations that own radio stations and take away the local element.

“The … philosophy is ‘let’s wipe everything out,’” he said. “‘Let’s get it to lowest-common-demoninator radio and let’s try to find an intern or voice track it from a different location and maximize our profits.’ That’s not how it works.”

Contreras did not say what specific format change he would make at KDUN, since the sale is pending, but did speculate … thinking he might update the oldies format to make it more contemporary and add a stream on the Internet.

He did say he took a close look at KDUN before making an offer.

“Sandy did a marvelous job of what they were doing with the resources that they have,” Contreras said. “It’s really being the face of the community and understanding and getting that message out and letting them know that this an outlet for that to happen.”

Contreras said, down the road, he’d look to relocate the tower and transmitter site and, if possible, add towers to allow them to increase the power at night.

Sandy Abendroth did not want to comment for this story, since the sale is still pending.


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